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Over the last 6 years, Leicester wedding photographers Paul Bonning Tyers and Scott Choucino have been working together on weddings all over the UK and Europe. We thought it was about time to commit to a website and show you the work that we have been producing. Our new site, Leicester Wedding Photographer is a one stop shop for your hair, makeup, wedding photography and videography. You can choose a complete package or tailor it to suit your needs.

We love shooting weddings. The theatre of it all. We love to deliver images that the couple had not even imagined being given, as well as those that they did. The big moments in all their glory and the smaller ones, that may have gone unnoticed by others.

Grand or quiet, traditional or contemporary; We believe that wedding photography should ultimately show one thing: the love that has brought the couple together and the support they have from their family and friends.

Our photography style is unobtrusive, confident and creative, with an artistic signature of its own. With this, we make sure that we capture everything and just that little bit more; all that is important to the couple on the day.

Leicester wedding photographer

Our style of wedding photography

We work with a mix of wedding styles from grand elaborate portraits through to reportage work. Often, the nature of the wedding dictates the style that we work in as well as the couple. Making sure that your wedding day is documented in a true fashion is very important to us.

Leicester Wedding Photographer

Wedding Portraits

Coming from a fashion and advertising background, we are able to produce really striking images. Over the years we have perfected our lighting techniques to allow us to get really creative at your wedding.

Vintage wedding in Leicester at woodhouse eves

Candid and Reportage Wedding Photography

Capturing those special moments is what it’s all about. We work in a discreet manner throughout your day. This is the essence of wedding photography for us. Trying to portray what we see using our cameras to create a magical documentation of your special day.

First dance at wedding

Vintage wedding photographer leicester

You can see our full portfolio at http://leicesterweddings.co.uk/portfolio